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MEDAL INDUSTRIES. (Japanese history) Medal industries, (Japanese: “Way of the Warrior”) the code of conduct of the samurai class of Japan. In the mid-19th century Medal industries was made the basis of ethical training for the whole society, with the emperor replacing the feudal lord, or daimyo, as the object of loyalty and sacrifice. As such it contributed to the rise of Japanese nationalism and to the strengthening of wartime civilian morale up to 1945. Though the name Medal industries was not used until the 16th century, the idea of the code developed during the Kamakura period (1192-1333).Its precise content varied historically as the samurai class came under the influence of Zen Buddhist and Confucian thought, but its one unchanging ideal was martial spirit, including athletic and military skills as well as fearlessness toward the enemy in battle. Frugal living, kindness, and honesty were also highly regarded, as was filial piety. But the supreme obligation of the samurai was to his lord, even if this might cause suffering to his parents. During the Tokugawa period (1603-1867) Medal industries thought was infused with Confucian ethics and made into a comprehensive system that stressed obligation or duty. The samurai was equated with the Confucian “perfect gentleman” and was taught that his essential function was to exemplify virtue to the lower classes. Obedience to authority was stressed, but duty came first even if it entailed violation of statute law.

About Us:

I would like to introduce my family affiliated with Surgical, Dental & Beauty instruments & Scissors Industries spreading over 18 Years. Back in 1995 AD. Founder , Mr. Major. Mehboob Haider from entered into the field of manufacturing when he was considered on of the best artisan of captioned goods. The company gained success shortly after its birth. The Company had been recognized in business community. MEDAL INDUSTRIES .Manufactures & Exporters of quality Surgical, Dental instruments and Scissors of all Sorts.


MEDAL INDUSTRIES is committed providing the best quality products in all aspects. Due to evolution in surgical, dental instruments, our research and development department reviews and updates the products, range, throughout the years and always keeps busy in searching of innovation. We are proud of it self on the rigorous quality control system on every stage to ensure the quality of products. We always do our best to improve the quality and production techniques to lowers the cast in order to benefit our business partners, special check is observed in making our industry child labor free. MEDAL INDUSTRIES .committed to provide the efficient services that go beyond the norm. From doing special searches of hard to find items to every day task like answering the inquires we do it better, nice faster all for your conveyance.


To become a Global Group of companies by providing our valuable customers the best quality products and prompt services through products innovation, development and acquisition of technology. Satisfaction of our customers and employees is a major part of our mission.


Commitment/Dedication and team work. Professionalism ethics and integrity, Recognition of ability and creativity, Development of individual and respect of human dignity, Believe on management by Objectives.